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Buntingford Auto Service is extremely concerned as you are for long-term  damage to our HOME / EARTH and fully supports local and national government recycling schemes.


With the aid of local  contractors we are currently recycling all the following waste caused by our day to day operation:-


Air Conditioning gas R134, our air con machine removes gas from your car, cleanse gas and stores it for reuse.

All Engine, Coolant ,Transmission, Brake and Axle fluids.

All filters, engine oil, air pollen /cabin, fuel, transmission ect

All parts packaging such as:-    Cardboard, Paper, Plastic

All used parts made off:-     Aluminium, Cast Iron, Copper ,Steel,              Wheel balance weights and tyres


The only waste we produce we cannot recycle currently is the disposable gloves we use to keep technicians hands clean and contaminated paper used during service operations on your vehicle